Terms of use

Terms of use for users of the MASSIVE facility.

When using MASSIVE please pay special attention to the following conditions from the above:

"1.4 Reponsibilities

Each authorised user is responsible for:

    • The unique computer accounts which the University has authorised for the user's benefit. These accounts are not transferable;
    • Selecting and keeping a secure password for each of these accounts, including not sharing passwords and logging off after using a computer;"

The above translates to not sharing accounts or account details. For MASSIVE this is particularly important as it is a system linked to many other systems. It is vital to restrict access to the individual that has accepted these terms and conditions, so that the system is used fairly and securely for all other users. We also only allow one account per user, in cases where a special account is required for an instrument (for example), please contact

In addition to the Univesity Terms and Conditions we also ask users to follow the HPC etiquette:

  1. Login nodes are used only for light single core processing tasks e.g.
    1. Submitting jobs
    2. Compiling code
    3. Light pre/post pocessing of jobs
    4. Moving data to and from MASSIVE
  2. Do not run jobs on the login nodes
  3. Do not write scripts that poll the queing system continuously (i.e. loops of less than 1 minute)

The above is important as the login nodes are a shared resource and the only entry point to MASSIVE. If all the resources or services are consumed by one user, all other users are denied access to MASSIVE.

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