Software Instructions

This section contains information on installed software and basic usage information. Software installation is an ongoing service on MASSIVE and this information will be under continuous development.

List currently installed software

module avail


Request software

Email and specifiy the following:

  • Software Name
  • Version Required
  • Website
  • Links to any information regarding GPU acceleration of the software

Restricted License Software

MASSIVE has some restricted software available (e.g. Avizo, FSL, NAMD and others). For license conditions that need to be accepted, we provide a means of making the license conditions available to users and once they have agreed to the conditions they are automatically added to the group that has access to that software. A list of such software is available to MASSIVE account holders from their software page. Once accepted the permissions take effect on next login to MASSIVE.

The MASSIVE team is also able to custom install software and restrict access to it to a particular user group, license condition or project. We do this by installing software in the same way as other system software, however we lock down access to the software directory through group file permissions.


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