Project Credit Management


Allocation Credits

Resources on MASSIVE are allocated by CPU hours. These are allocated on a quarterly bases, for example if you have 400,00 hours you will get 100,00 hours each quarter.

To see your allocation use the command the following command. Desktop Users can simply run it through a terminal.


user info



How the Allocation System Works

Job Submission

In job submission stage, Slurm will ensure the project account has enought credit to run a job to the end. It will calculate the CPU-Hours requested by such job (CPU Hours=Walltime x Num_CPU_Cores). There are two situations that a job will be rejected by Slurm due to credit-related issue:

  • If project's available credits is insufficient for running the job.
  • Project has enough available credit, however some running jobs (of the same project) are consuming credits and will sooner or later used out all project credits.

If job rejectection happens and an error message shows up, please see Diagnosing Problems with Jobs for more details.

Job Runnning

When a job is running, Slurm does real-time credit charge at a certain time interval. You will find the project credit be deducted continuously until job complete.



Out of Credit?

you can request more credit through your project lead or email




If you experience a job failure during runtime, please email Once we find out the failure is caseud by the issue of MASSIVE system-side. We can manage to conduct a credit refund.

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