The MASSIVE Desktop

What is the MASSIVE Desktop?

The MASSIVE Desktop is a remote desktop environment that allows researchers to access interactive desktop applications alongside the MASSIVE HPC environment. We provide simple access through a utility called the MASSIVE Launcher that automates access. 


Why use the MASSIVE Desktop?

This environment is great for:

  • researchers who are working with increasingly large data sets that cannot be moved to the local desktop for analysis and visualisation (for example, researchers working with high resolution volumetric data produced at the IMBL at Australian Synchrotron);
  • scientists who are undertaking imaging or visualisation work;
  • researchers who are relatively new to centralised computing infrastructure or HPC and don't yet have a strong grasp of the command line environment; and 
  • users who need to run interactive visualisation applications on high-end hardware. 

What software is supported on the MASSIVE Desktop?

The list of tools and applications is increasing. See here our Installed Software page a regularly updated list. If we don't currently support the application you require then we might be able to install it. Please contact us to find out. 

How do I gain access?

Follow the instructions on the Getting Started webpage.  


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