Client Software Requirements

The computer that you are using to read this webpage is generally called the "client". Software running on the MASSIVE cluster is generally called the "server". For your client to talk to the server requires specific software which some clients may already have (depending on the operating system) or which require additional downloads. The following section lists required software to access services on the MASSIVE cluster.

Login Shell

A login shell is required to securely login into MASSIVE and issue command line instructions.

Mac: Available by default via Applications > Utlities > Terminal

Linux: Available by default

Windows: The recommended software is Putty which is available from:

File Transfer

A file transfer utility is required to transfer files to and from MASSIVE

Mac: Via a shell the "scp" (secure copy) command can be used, Cyberduck is a good GUI option

Linux: Via a shell the "scp" (secure copy) command can be used

Windows: The recommended software is WinSCP which is available from:

MASSIVE Desktop (TurboVNC)

MASSIVE also provide a remote desktop facility called the "MASSIVE desktop". This allows hardware accelerated visualisation on the MASSIVE cluster to be accessible right from your desktop. To enable use of GPU accelerated remote desktop sessions on the cluster, users are required to install TurboVNC and Strudel (the MASSIVE desktop launcher)


Download and install the latest TurboVNC (1.2 or greater) for your OS.

X11 Forwarding

Windows: Users will need to install Xming

Mac: Users running OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) or above will need to install XQuartz

Addtional Information

Using the MASSIVE Desktop

TurboVNC and VirtualGL

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