Getting Started

Here are the steps to getting started with MASSIVE. This section covers the basics of getting access and the software required to use the MASSIVE account.

M3 is now onboarding specific CryoEM and NeruoImaging early adopter users (via

M3 early adopters should follow the steps in the new M3 User Guide

1) Get an Access Account

 For obtaining a MASSIVE user account please refer to the Access page on how to apply for access to MASSIVE.

Command Line Access (SSH)

2) Install Client Software

First time users to MASSIVE will need to install a few utilities to enable shell access to login to MASSIVE. These utilities are covered in the Client Software Requirements section.

3) Login to MASSIVE

With the above you will now be able to access the cluster via a login shell using the login nodes, your username and password.

The main login nodes are: and

These can be accessed inidividually or the alias The following is an example*:


4) Try a simple sinteractive command

Once logged on to MASSIVE, the following will launch an interactive shell on one of the MASSIVE nodes 


The next sections detail basic usage of the cluster (Cluster Instructions), usage of individual software packages installed on the cluster (Software Instructions) and common workflows using a multiple steps and software packages to achieve a specific goal (Workflow Instructions).

* Windows users can simply start Putty and enter the hostname "" and select "open"

MASSIVE Desktop Access

The MASSIVE Desktop is an environment for running interactive desktop applications and viewing your data. 



2) Install Client Software

We provides a simple utility to access the MASSIVE Desktop. Follow the instructions at the MASSIVE Desktop Launcher page to install the Launcher, and TurboVNC. 


3) Login to the MASSIVE Desktop

Run the MASSIVE Launcher on your system and provide your username, password and project ID. 



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