Running OpenGL Programs through VirtualGL

The MASSIVE desktop has the ability to run GPU accelerated applications via a technology called VirtualGL. Many applications are available via the MASSIVE menu and these by default use VirtualGL. It is possible to run other OpenGL programs, such as ones you may download, through VirtualGL using the following steps:

1) Open a terminal window on the MASSIVE desktop

2) Make the VirtualGL "vglrun" program available on the command line using modules

module load virtualgl

3) Use vglrun to run OpenGL programs

vglrun glxgears


If you would like an application added to the MASSIVE menu, and avoid the above steps, please contact Help

If vglrun is not used then that application will not be able to locate the OpenGL context and will generate errors such as:

Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".

The above instructions are for running on the MASSIVE Desktop and is not applicable to running through X11 forwarding, which is what you may be using to see GUI applications from the login nodes.

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