Troubleshooting Strudel login problems with Beamline (AS) Users

Australian Synchrotron Users have a Strudel AS flavour of password authentication to acquire MASSIVE M1 Desktop Sessions. This page provides a basic problem solving workflow for AS beamline users to login.

The current stable json file is at    


1) Verify whether Australian Synchrotron UserName and Password is valid.

Typical AS portal login (AS credential)  would be like:


Password:    PleaseLetMeInCode66#$%&

AS user should be able to login to Australian Synchrotron web portal login:

Users are able to reset their AS password in the same site. If the AS username is not available or correct, You would need to contact the Australian Synchrotron User Office for more enquires.


2) Ensure AS User select the correct mode of operation.

At the Strudel launcher, use the File menu (Top of the screen), select the option "Manage Sites". Ensures only entry is the only option been checked.

If this entry is not shown, Please go to back to the File menu, select the option "Manage Sites" , Click "New" and input the followings:

Name:     MASSIVE AS


Make sure only this option is active (Checked)


3) Strudel's Site selection

AS Beamline users should only select this two sites:  M1 Beamline  or

Only M1 is linked with their EPN scratch ASinput directories. Use your AS credential to login only.


4) Still encountering Problem - Submit Debug Log.

To submit Debug log to the MASSIVE Team.

At Strudel launcher, Checked "Advanced Options" and then "Show Debug Window".

Attempted to login again. Checked "Contact Me" and click "Submit Debug Log" to submit the log.


5) File transfers for EPN Data.

Some users might just need to transfer their EPN data (Files/directories) back to their local workstations and does not need to use MASSIVE Desktop sessions. They can access their data via  with their AS credentials. There is also the option of using  FileZilla or WinSCP . For more details, the information is at


Australian Synchrotron User Office

Before you contact the AS User Office, Please prepare this details:

- User's Full Name

- User's Email Address

- User's EPN (Experiment Number)

- User's EPN PI

The AS user has to ask whether their entry has Data enabled option on it.

AS User Office Contact Numbers

+61 3 8540 4293

+61 3 8540 4193

+61 3 8540 4217


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