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Overview and Status

The User Guide menu to the left gives instructions on using the MASSIVE cluster.

The User Guide is structured in steps of complexity. The Getting Started section covers the basics of getting an account and the software required to access the account. The next sections detail basic usage of the cluster (Cluster Instructions), usage of individual software packages installed on the cluster (Software Instructions) and common workflows requiring multiple steps and software packages to achieve a specific goal (Workflow Instructions).

For further help in using these instructions on MASSIVE please email with the details of the problem you are experiencing.

System Status


M2 (Monash University) -         m2-login1 and m2-login2

***M1 (Australian Synchrotron) - m1-login1 and m1-login2 

M1 (Australian Synchrotron) Scheduled Outage Next Week
8am Monday 29th August - 5pm Monday 5th September 2016


During this period you will not be able to access the file system, run jobs or start desktop sessions. Long running jobs will be prevented from running into this outage window. You will be notified when the system has returned to service.

Please note that all data in project and home directories has been backed up (i.e. data in path /gpfs/M1Home). However, temporary data in scratch (i.e. data in path /gpfs/M1Scratch) is not backed up and users should ensure that non-temporary data has been saved elsewhere. See:


The outage is to implement an important file system upgrade in both firmware and software. This requires the file system /gpfs/M1Home and /gpfs/M1Scratch to be unmounted for a few days. The upgrade will achieve greater stability and performance in the following ways:

  • Far greater stability through configuration changes (e.g. by removing cross mounts between M1 and M2 clusters)
  • Fixes to many known issues
  • Improved performance, especially related to managing large and small files
  • The ability for the MASSIVE HPC team to continually monitor system performance in more detail
  • The ability for the MASSIVE HPC team to undertake more maintenance tasks without impacting running jobs

If you have any issues please do not hesitate to email

Note: M2 (Monash) Users will not be impacted by this outage. M2 will be upgraded at a later date during a suitable outage window.

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