User Guide

Overview and Status

The User Guide menu to the left gives instructions on using the MASSIVE cluster.

The User Guide is structured in steps of complexity. The Getting Started section covers the basics of getting an account and the software required to access the account. The next sections detail basic usage of the cluster (Cluster Instructions), usage of individual software packages installed on the cluster (Software Instructions) and common workflows requiring multiple steps and software packages to achieve a specific goal (Workflow Instructions).

For further help in using these instructions on MASSIVE please email with the details of the problem you are experiencing.

System Status

MASSIVE (Centos 5/PBS) - Deprecated

M1 (Australian Synchrotron) - operational and accessible through m1-login1

M2 (Monash University) - No longer available



M1 (Australian Synchrotron) - operational and accessible through m1-login2

M2 (Monash University) - m2-login1 and m2-login2


Known Issues


MASSIVE (Centos 5/PBS)

- low availability of nodes due to transition to Centos 6/SLURM)


- See How to Running Slurm Jobs

- There is no m2-login3

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