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MASSIVE is a specialist facility with specific resources and capability which make it unique. The MASSIVE specialist facility is suited to:

  • Projects in computational imaging and visualisation, including processing and analysis of data generated at Australian imaging, microscopy and other characterisation facilities;
  • Projects which make good use of GPUs; and 
  • Projects limited by I/O on other systems


The Characteristaion Virtual Laboratory extends the capabilities of MASSIVE to make use of cloud based resources. The CVL is suited to all other users.

M3 is a new cluster and is now only onboarding specific CryoEM and NeruoImaging early adopter users (via

Existing Users

Existing users can manage their accounts, request to join existing projects or request new projects through their user account page.

CVL Users

CVL Users accounts are now managed through the MASSIVE account system. CVL users should apply for access by clicking here and joining the existing project "CVL"

Joining an Existing Project

By following the appropriate Online Application link below researchers can "Join an existing project" by filling out account details and then searching for a project by leaders name or project number. The project leader will then be notified of the request to join.

Alternatively a project leader can send an email invite to users via their project page under "Management tasks/Invite a new user".

Starting a New Project

Researchers can also "Apply to start a new project" following the Online Application links.

MASSIVE usage is project based which means that users must define a project to gain access.

MASSIVE projects require the following:

  • New projects are requested by a member of University Faculty Staff and should be the lead CI on the research project.
  • Students join an existing project (created above).
  • All accounts must use a University or institutional email addresse.
  • A contact phone number for each account must be provided.
  • A project abstract.
  • SOE and FOR research codes to allow us to accurately track the types of research MASSIVE is supporting.

To complete an application please go to the Online Application (selecting the appropriate institute)

New access to the MASSIVE systems, software and expertise is available to Australia-wide through the following means:

Organisation Access to Application
National Computational Infrastructure - NCI Specialised Facility in Imaging and Visualisation Australia-wide Application through the NCI Merit Allocations Scheme
Australian Synchrotron partner share Australian Synchrotron users

Synchrotron Beamtime Application

or new projects use

Online Application (Synchrotron)

Monash University partner share Monash University researchers Online Application (Monash)
CSIRO partner share CSIRO researchers and affiliates Online Application (CSIRO)
Center of Excellent in Advanced Molecular Imaging ImagingCoE researchers Online Application (CMI)
Center of Excellent in Integrated Brain Function CIBF researchers Online Application (CBIF)



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