MASSIVE Stage 2 Purchase Announced

MASSIVE has completed the order of its second stage purchase with IBM. The system will be delivered in December 2012 and will be available to researchers in early 2013.

The upgrade increases the computational power of the M2 system by approximately 4 times, increases the number of cores by approximately 2.5 and increases the file system space by 40%. This will position MASSIVE to process and analyze the increasing amount of valuable data that is being fed to the system through instrument integration projects, including beamlines at Australian Synchrotron, data processing projects through the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory, and researchers accessing MASSIVE through the National Merit Allocation.

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National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme Call For Applications for 2013

Applications for the 2013 calendar year National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme (NCMAS) ( are currently being called for. The NCMAS scheme is available to researchers from Australian public sector research organisations, including universities.

The NCMAS provides an integrated application platform enabling access to computational and data storage resources on major national computational facilities.

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MASSIVE Research Stories: Proteins

As one of the world’s leading science and research facilities, the Australian Synchrotron has nine beamlines devoted to variety of synchrotron science techniques and research areas such as manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and forensics. Two of these are dedicated to macromolecular and micro- crystallography for the determination of proteins structures – an important and vital area of health science.  

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MASSIVE Research Stories: Turbulence

Engineers are closer to understanding, and therefore manipulating, invisible aerodynamic drag forces, that cause an estimated 50 per cent of transportation fuel to be lost before we can use it.

Professor Julio Soria, Director of Monash University's Laboratory for Turbulence Research in Aerospace and Combustion (LTRAC), said the technology to visualise these forces, which by causing drag or wind resistance, waste energy, was now available. Understanding how these forces operate and controlling them could lead to significant financial and environmental savings.

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Try the New MASSIVE Launcher

The MASSIVE team has released the MASSIVE Launcher, an automatic tool to access the MASSIVE Desktop. This tool is an early deliverable of the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL) and in the future it will provide access to remote desktop environments on MASSIVE and the NeCTAR Cloud. The tool is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It is in prototype form; please feel free to send feedback to

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