MASSIVE Research Stories: Imaging and Medical Beamline

Combining the capabilities of MASSIVE, the Australian Synchrotron’s Imaging and Medical Beamline (IMBL), and CSIRO’s X-TRACT software has created a CT Reconstruction Service able to create unique 3D imaging of live beings at the molecular level in real-time.

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MASSIVE Annual Report for 2012

Download the inaugural 2012 MASSIVE Annual Report to learn about MASSIVE, our recent achievements, research stories, strategic direction and the work we've been doing since our launch in 2010. 

MASSIVE Annual Report 2012.

National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme Call For Applications for 2014

Applications for Merit Allocation access to MASSIVE are now open. The closing date for applications has been moved to Friday, 8 November 2013 to compensate for delays in opening the application round. 

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National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme Call For Mid-Year Applications for 2013

[...] The National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme [NCMAS] is currently calling for mid-year applications for new projects requiring computational resources (processor time and related data storage) on four facilities

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MASSIVE / CVL Launcher drives adoption of the MASSIVE Desktop

A major goal of the developers at the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL) is to build software infrastructure to make high performance computing more accessible to a wider range of Australian researchers. To achieve this, we’re developing an online desktop environment that can be accessed remotely, providing researchers with a ready-made interactive analysis environment. We expect this will allow scientists to focus on using tools and applying sophisticated analysis techniques, rather than on installing and configuring software or copying data. Users of MASSIVE will know that a version of this environment, the MASSIVE Desktop, is now available and can be accessed easily using a simple Mac, Windows or Linux tool called the MASSIVE Launcher.

One research group that has made good use of the MASSIVE Desktop and Launcher is the Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics Lab (FABLab) at Monash University, who use the desktop to access biomedical segmentation and visualisation software.

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