Electron Microscopy: Assembling a biological puzzle

Imagine trying to assemble a three-dimensional jigsaw consisting of hundreds of thousands of pieces, but without any sense of the final picture.

Motion Correction
AI in Focus: Improving magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging has revolutionised medicine and medical research, but one of the biggest issues radiographers still grapple with are the artefacts created when patients shift around during the scan.

A.I. in Focus: Translating natural language

A big challenge in the development of artificial intelligence is the programming of computers to respond in a human-like way to input from the senses, including touch, vision and hearing. Dr Reza Haffari is making inroads in the study of natural language processing (NLP). His goal is to enable computers… Read more »

MASSIVE Newsletter Q3 2018

Dear MASSIVE announce members and users, National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme 2019 Merit based applications for time on MASSIVE (and other Australian HPC systems) through the National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme open on the 3rd of September. Please see the NCMAS page for more information. Key dates are: 3 September… Read more »