Newsletter - Update on M3 upgrade, AI Symposium, NeCTAR VLs have huge impact

Machine Learning Symposium; Update on M3 upgrade; NeCTAR Virtual Labs have huge impact.

Machine Learning Symposium

The capability to develop computer programs that learn through experience, using techniques such as deep neural networks, has generated significant interest across a wide range of fields, including medicine, biology, engineering, astronomy, economics, and law. The Machine Learning (ML) Symposium is a one-day applied Artificial Intelligence event to hear how researchers are applying machine learning techniques in their research, to be held on Monday 19th March 2018 at the National Centre for Synchrotron Science. Read more ...

Update on M3 upgrade

The procurement for M3 Stage Two started around September 2017 and the purchase order was raised in October 2017. The physical delivery is expected to be completed in the first few days of March 2018 as we are still waiting for a couple of components to arrive to complete the installation. Most of the equipment that has been delivered has also been racked in the Data Centre. Configuration of the nodes is estimated to begin in early March 2018. The Stage Two filesystem expansion has been completed.

NeCTAR Virtual Labs have huge impact

The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL) is one of the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) supported Virtual Laboratories (VLs) covered by the new report "Estimating the value and impact of Nectar Virtual Laboratories" by the Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies at Victoria University for NeCTAR. According to NeCTAR "the report has found that return on investment (ROI) is at least double the investment for every measure of each of the VLs studied, indicating the services have a significant economic and user impact" ( Read more about the report and the full report on the NeCTAR website. Read more ...

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