National Computational Merit Allocation Committee Call for Expressions of Interest

The National Computational Merit Allocation Committee (NCMAC) is seeking expressions of interest from researchers in the Bioinformatics, Genetics; and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Geophysics, or other computational earth sciences; to serve on the Committee for the NCMAS 2020 Call for Applications, which is scheduled for August-December this year. The deadline for submitting an expression of interest is midnight (AEST) Thursday 25 July 2019.

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Wojtek James Goscinski
A.I. in Focus: Translating natural language

A big challenge in the development of artificial intelligence is the programming of computers to respond in a human-like way to input from the senses, including touch, vision and hearing. Dr Reza Haffari is making inroads in the study of natural language processing (NLP). His goal is to enable computers to do language-related human tasks such as trans- lation and ‘summarisation’—the taking on of detailed information and distillation of the essence of the knowledge it contains.

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