August 19, 2020

Programming and tidy data analysis with R

Register now for our upcoming Programming and tidy data analysis with R workshop on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 August delivered online via Zoom from 9:00am-1:30pm AEST each day. Participants must attend both days to fully complete the workshop. We strongly recommend that you log on from 9:00am to troubleshoot any connection issues to Zoom, Slack and RStudio.

Programming and tidy data analysis with R
This is an intermediate R workshop, for people wishing to increase their fluency in R. It covers tasks that while not specifically involved in statistical analysis are necessary when working with data such as:

  • Loading data and getting it into a form that is easy to work with
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Identifying problems such as the need for normalisation and transformation, and;
  • Properly understanding the story the data wants to tell

In the first half of the workshop, attendees will learn elements of programming such as writing functions and loops that automate common repetitive tasks, automating the running of software external to R, and using R code as a complete record of data analysis steps that is reproducible and can be shared with others. In the second half of the workshop, attendees will learn intermediate level techniques for “tidy” data exploration and analysis, such as joining tables and getting data into “tidy” format. Once data is in the tidy format, many complex manipulations become easier. This is explored using a real data set, examining the iterative process of tidying, normalisation and transformation, and exploration and visualisation.

Prerequisites: Some exposure to R and RStudio is assumed, for example from attending the Data Fluency “Introduction to R” workshop.

Workshop preview: You can preview the material for this workshop here.

What you’ll need: A computer with speakers and a microphone (note: webcams and dual monitors are recommended but not required). A web browser and Zoom are the only required software. We will be using RStudio over the web (R and RStudio are also freely available to install on your own computer). A Zoom link and instructions will be sent to registrants 2 days prior to the workshop.

How to register?

1. Monash staff and Graduate Research students register here
Note: that Data Fluency workshops are now only available to Graduate Research students.

2. External participants from Monash affiliate partners only (The Hudson Institute, The Alfred Hospital, Alfred Research Alliance Members, Peninsula Health, Baker Institute, Burnet Institute, MASSIVE and CSIRO) register here.