August 18, 2020

Open Source Science with Git and GitHub

Register now for our upcoming Open Source Science with Git and GitHub workshop delivered online via Zoom on Tuesday, 18 August from 12:30pm – 5:00pm AEST. We strongly recommend that you log on from 12:30pm AEST to troubleshoot any connection issues to Zoom and Slack.

Git is software for version control (keeping track of the change history of a file or set of files) and collaboration (allowing multiple authors to edit the same file). It is the global standard in academia, government, and industry for managing software code. It allows you to keep a complete history of changes to your code (or text), maintain multiple versions of your code in parallel, and collaborate with multiple authors on code changes.

GitHub is a commercial website (free for academics and public code) for sharing and collaborating on git histories. Together, git and GitHub allow effective, global collaboration on code or text while exactly tracking contributions and changes.

– Prior command-line experience or completion of Data Fluency: Introduction to Unix shell and command line interface

– Be able to install git on your computer. If you are using a Monash device, please seek assistance from Monash eSolutions to install Git before the workshop.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
– Maintain a complete history of a file without having to make extra copies of it
– Maintain a “master” version of a file while working on experimental changes in a separate history
– Effectively share and discuss code with others on GitHub
– Collaborate on the same code files with others on GitHub

Who: If you write any computer code at all, whether it is simple R scripts to sophisticated C++ libraries, but don’t know git, this course is for you!

What you’ll need: A computer with speakers and a microphone (note: webcams and dual monitors are recommended but not required). A web browser and Zoom are the only required software. A Zoom link and instructions will be sent to registrants 2 days prior to the workshop.

How to register? 

1. Monash staff and Graduate Research students register here
Please note that Data Fluency workshops are now only available to Graduate Research students.

2. External participants from Monash affiliate partners only (The Hudson Institute, The Alfred Hospital, Alfred Research Alliance Members, Peninsula Health, Baker Institute, Burnet Institute and CSIRO) register here.

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