May 22, 2020

MASSIVE Machine Learning User Community Meeting

The team at MASSIVE and Monash eResearch has recognised a need to strengthen the machine learning capability of M3, and we’ve been working to identify how we can improve the experience of our ML users.

We are excited to share some of this positive work we have undertaken in collaboration with the Monash DataScience and AI platform, in a community meeting on the 22nd of May, which will cover the following topics:

  • The usage of the DGXs;

  • Announcing the recent expansion of our GPU capability by adding 5 DGX servers to the resource pool;

  • Announcing our recently funded engagement with the ARDC in order to strengthen M3 as an ML environment, to expand and improve the training we offer, and to start building a stronger community within ML users;

  • Our collaboration with the Monash Data science and AI platform to underpin the major Data science and AI initiatives across Monash University;

  • Gathering your feedback and discussing ideas to further improve and expand our capability.

If you are interested in attending this machine learning user community meeting, then please register at the following link:

The meeting will run for approximately 1.5h remotely over Zoom, with more details to be provided in the invite to follow. In future we intend to run these meetings more regularly to keep you informed about continuing developments.