May 6, 2019

Image analysis in Python with SciPy and scikit-image

Register now for our upcoming workshop on Image analysis in Python with SciPy and scikit-image. This is being held on Monday 6th May 2019 at the Clayton campus.

From telescopes to satellite cameras to electron microscopes, scientists are producing more images than they can manually inspect. This tutorial will introduce automated image analysis using the “images as numpy arrays” abstraction, run through various fundamental image processing and image analysis operations, and finally complete one or two more advanced real-world examples.
Prerequisites: Before attending this workshop, learners should have a working knowledge of Python syntax, using Jupyter notebooks, and the basics of NumPy arrays. Intermediate – advanced level.

How to register?

1. Monash graduate research students and Monash staff:
To reserve a spot login to myDevelopment and follow the steps:
– Search for upcoming Data Fluency workshops, commencing in May, please log into myDevelopment from the myMonash portal
– Type “Data Fluency” or the software your are interested in eg. “Image analysis in Python” into the search box, to find a list of available workshops.

2. Instructions for external registrants:
Limited workshop places will be available for non-Monash staff and affiliates, who will be required to create a profile for myDevelopment access by completing this form, and requesting validation from a Monash staff member. Once this process has been completed, you will be able to register for workshops
3. Other registrants:
If you are not a graduate research student, Monash staff or external registrant, please send us an email.
What to bring:  Participants will be required to download the necessary software and data sets prior to the session. Instructions will be sent by facilitators. Attendees will need to bring a laptop.
Venue: 40 Exhibition Wlk, Clayton-G-T1-Matheson, T1 and T2 (Library)| Monash University | Clayton, VIC 3800 | Australia
NOTE: Monash graduate students may be eligible to claim credit hours towards this workshop.
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