October 9, 2019

Data Sharing: Neuroscience, Microscopy and Experiments Collaborative Symposium

A combined symposium to plan how we enable interoperability and collaboration between researchers in a data-driven world.

9th October, The Shine Dome, Canberra
Registration: https://bit.ly/2lm7gdW
Registrations close COB Monday 7th October

Poster download: largesmall

International Guests and Invited Speakers

  • Prof Alan Evans,
    Director of the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience, McGill University
  • Prof Jason Swedlow,
    Director of the Open Microscopy Environment, University of Dundee,
  • AProf Kaylene Sympson,
    Senior Editor of Nature Scientific Data, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Dr Shawn Brown,
    Associate Director for Research Software Development, McGill University
  • Prof Giorgio Ascoli,
    Center for Neural Informatics, Structures, and Plasticity, George Mason University
  • David Orloff,
    Director of the Cell Image Library, University of California at San Diego
  • AProf Claire Brown,
    Director of the Advanced BioImaging Facility, McGill University

Afternoon Workshops

Australian Characterisation Informatics Planning Workshop

Characterisation has become an area where informatics infrastructure, expertise and best practice is critical. The Australian Characterisation community shares a number of significant informatics challenges, and the community is working together to plan and implement strategies to overcome these challenges. This workshop will bring together Australian and International experts to map the strategic links between characterisation facilities, informatics standards and best practices, and research communities, with the overall goal of planning for the future.


Australian Neuroscience Microscopy Data Sharing, Standards and Best-Practice Workshop

Recent advances in optics, computational tools and automation have increased the impact of modern optical microscopy not only in basic science but also in industry and clinical domains. The Australian optical microscopy community is actively working together to form a dynamic network of researchers who will enable data sharing and standardisation. The aim of this initiative is to increase the quality and reproducibility, and boost the overall value of optical microscopy data. This symposium will discuss the current challenges of data sharing and protocols with the aim of mapping out a national strategy to integrate current systems into a unified Australian data sharing platform.


Australian Brain Data Commons Workshop

By its very nature, the brain is at the core of who we are and cracking its “code” (how it works) is one of the greatest scientific challenges facing humanity. To crack the brain’s code neuroscience has become one of the most highly interdisciplinary scientific research disciplines. Understanding the brain’s code — the neural circuits and processes underlying cognition — is currently at the forefront of brain research nationally and internationally. Central to cracking the code will be a national strategy for brain research data sharing and curation. This workshop will bring together brain researchers and neuroinformaticians to map the national brain data commons capabilities, review the community requirements, and develop a national plan for neuroscience data sharing and curation.


Registration from 8:30am
Opening and invited speakers from 9am
Workshops from 1pm
Combined discussion and social from 4pm