June 25, 2019

Data Fluency: Introduction to Python workshop

Register now for our upcoming Introduction to Python workshop being held at Clayton campus on Tuesday 25th June from 10:00am til 5:00pm.

This hands-on workshop aims to equip participants with the fundamentals of programming in Python and give them skills needed to apply data analysis approaches to their research questions. The workshop will be taught in a similar style to Data Carpentry workshops. Data Carpentry’s mission is to trains researchers in the core data skills for efficient, shareable, and reproducible research practices.

Who: The course is aimed at beginners to programming.

Prerequisites: You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of the tools that will be presented at the workshop.

Setup Requirements: Attendees will be required to bring a laptop with Firefox or Google Chrome.

Venue: Matheson Library T2,  Exhibition Walk, Monash University | Clayton, VIC 3800 | Australia

How to register? 

1. Monash staff, Graduate Research students, and registrants with a profile in myDevelopment register here (see instructions below if you do not have a myDevelopment profile)

2. Monash students other than Graduate Research 
– Navigate to the Access for students page and create a profile in MyDevelopment by completing the form linked on that page.

3. External participants
– Create a profile in myDevelopment by completing this form
A Monash staff member will need to approve your request to create a profile in myDevelopment.

Note: It will take 24 hours for your profile to be created in myDevelopment. Once created, you will receive an email with your login details and can register here for the workshop.

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Kind regards,
The Data Fluency Team