August 13, 2020

Introduction to Unix Shell and Command Line Interface

Register now for our upcoming Introduction to Unix Shell and Command Line Interface workshop delivered online via Zoom, and spread across 2 half days, on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 August from 09.30am-12:30pm AEST. We strongly recommend that you log on from 9.15am AEST to troubleshoot any connection issues to Zoom and Slack.

Introduction to Unix Shell and Command Line Interface
The Unix shell has been around longer than most of its users have been alive. It has survived so long because it’s a powerful tool that allows people to do complex things with just a few keystrokes. More importantly, it helps them combine existing programs in new ways and automate repetitive tasks, so they aren’t typing the same things over and over again. Use of the shell is fundamental to using a wide range of other powerful tools and computing resources (including “high-performance computing” supercomputers). This workshop will start you on a path towards using these resources effectively and guides you through the basics of file systems and the shell.

This workshop will cover navigating and working with files and directories, pipes and filters, loops, shell scripts and how to find files.

What you’ll need: A computer with speakers and a microphone (note: webcams and dual monitors are recommended but not required). A web browser and Zoom are the only required software. Registrants will be emailed a Zoom link and instructions on how to install the ssh tool that will be needed to login into our Unix server 2 days prior to the workshop.

How to register? 

1. Monash staff and Graduate Research students register here
Note: that Data Fluency workshops are now only available to staff and Graduate Research students.

2. External participants from Monash affiliate partners only (The Hudson Institute, The Alfred Hospital, Alfred Research Alliance Members, Peninsula Health, Baker Institute, Burnet Institute and CSIRO) register here.