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Accessing MyTardis data on the CVL

If you have logged onto using your CVL credentials, then you can access your MyTardis data from the CVL Desktop.  All MyTardis users have access to some public test data.

From the CVL Desktop, click on the keys icon (below) to launch the Remote File Manager, which helps you to mount a remote filesystem (in this case by installing your SSH public key on the remote filesystem.

CVL Remote File Manager

Click the "Add Host" button in the Remote File Manager, and in the "Add Host" dialog (below), select "" and enter your CVL username.

Remote File Manager Add Host

You will prompted to enter your password for (which is your CVL password), and then your MyTardis data will be mounted on your CVL Desktop at ~/MyTardis - you should see a "MyTardis" disk icon appear on your Desktop.


MyTardis Mounted


Now you can browse your MyTardis data (or the public test data) in a file browser such as Nautilus (below).  At the first directory level inside the MyTardis mount, you will see a subdirectory for each MyTardis experiment you have access to.  Each experiment subdirectory name will begin with a MyTardis Experiment ID (e.g. "1"), followed by a hyphen, and then the experiment name, e.g. "Test Experiment (Photography)", as shown below. Inside each MyTardis experiment folder, you will see a series of dataset folders within that experiment which you have access to.  Each dataset subdirectory will begin with a MyTardis Dataset ID (e.g. "2"), followed by a hyphen, and then the dataset name, e.g. "Melbourne", as shown below.


MyTardis Nautilus

You can open your MyTardis data files (as read-only) directly from the MyTardis mount.  Or you can copy them to your CVL Desktop first before opening them.

Thumbnails (a.k.a. Preview Images) can be turned on or off (and configured to only appear for sufficiently small data files) in Nautilus Preferences.



Contact with any questions you may have.

If you have used a previous version of the CVL's MyTardis SSHFS mounting solution, it may be necessary to remove the previous mount configuration from the Remote File Manager (or from ~/.sshfs_mounts.cfg) before adding the new mount configuration. (The remote path has changed from "mytardis" to "MyTardis".)

If you try opening a data file from an old dataset and you get no response, or a very slow response, it is possible that the data file has been moved from disk to tape. Future versions of the CVL's MyTardis mounting will distinguish more clearly between datasets on disk and datasets on tape.

Use of thumbnails is optional.  If you want to disable thumbnails in the CVL's Nautilus file browser, open the Edit menu, select the Preferences menu item, and in the Preferences dialog, select the Preview tab.  You can disable thumbnails for large files (e.g. bigger than 10 MB) or disable all thumbnails.

If you drag a data file from the MyTardis mount to the CVL Desktop and you see a padlock on the file's icon, this is normal.  The MyTardis mount is read-only at present, and any files copied from the mount will be read-only initially, but you are free to make them writeable if you wish to modify them.  The modified data files can be uploaded into a new dataset via MyTardis's web interface.


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