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How to access MATLAB (Monash University license)


MATLAB is a widely used proprietary software with strict licensing terms. Monash University has a license to cover all Monash staff and HDR students. However, Monash users need to accept an End User License Agreement to use MATLAB.


To use MATLAB in the CVL you will need to follow a few simple steps to get access to this software.

  1. Start a CVL desktop session (refer to Getting started with the CVL)

  2. Select 'How to access MATLAB (Monash License)' from the CVL menu under 'Applications' -> 'Characterisation Virtual Laboratory' -> 'General Imaging Tools' -> 'MATLAB (Monash license)'

    CVLUserGuide MatlabHowTo

  3. Click 'Accept and Continue' to accept the 'Terms and conditions for using Monash University's MATLAB license' to proceed to apply for access to MATLAB.

    CVLUserGuide MatlabTerms

  4. Follow the instructions to apply for access to Monash University's MATLAB license.

    CVLUserGuide MatlabInstructions

  5. Click on the link provided in the first instruction to access the CVL User Account Management System and login to the CVL User Account Management System using your CVL credentials.

    CVLUserGuide MatlabUserMgmtLogin

  6.  The Software page lists the restricted software that you can request access to in the CVL by accepting the appropriate End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).

    CVLUserGuide MatlabUserMgmtSoftware


  7. Click on 'MATLAB (Monash License)' in the list of restricted software
  8. Read through the End User License Agreement and click 'Accept' to submit your request for access to the license
  9. You will receive an email notification when your request has been processed
  10. Stop the CVL desktop and start a new desktop session for the new access permissions to take effect and to start using MATLAB


NOTE:   As a CVL account holder you can request access to licensed software installed in the CVL via the 'Software' section in the CVL User Account Management System

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