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Welcome to the CVL, a cloud data analysis and imaging
platform. We offer tools, techniques and services to help you answer your research questions. The CVL is available free of charge to all Australian researchers. 

Introduction to the CVL

The CVL is an online environment to access imaging tools and data. We provide a remote desktop environment, run on the NeCTAR cloud, which provides access to a range of tools to process atom probe, neuroimaging, structural biology, X-ray, and general imaging data.

To use the CVL, follow our instructions in the quick start guide, or click on one of the workbenches above for more information (as content becomes available).


The CVL has been developed as part of the NeCTAR Characterisation Virtual Laboratory project, and is now being run by MASSIVE and the CVL partners. 

The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory is undertaking to:

  1. Integrate key Australian imaging instruments with specialised computing capabilities.
  2. Develop a common desktop environment for analysis and collaboration; and
  3. Create four desktop environments for data processing in neuroscience, structural biology, atom probe and X-ray science. Each driver is led by a world-class research group, is supported by an Australian research consortium and is in a national research priority area. The results from this development will be distributed to the community throug the CVL Workbenches.

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