The Multi-modal Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualisation Environment (MASSIVE) is Australia’s specialised High Performance Computing facility for Imaging and Visualisation. This facility provides the hardware, software and expertise to drive research in biomedical science, materials research, engineering, and geoscience.

It stimulates advanced imaging research that will be exploited across a range of imaging modalities, including synchrotron x-ray and infrared imaging, functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging, x-ray computer tomography (CT), electron microscopy and optical microscopy.

The facility provides an extensive program of user support and training on all aspects of high-performance computing. It has an active outreach program to ensure that the MASSIVE stakeholders, Australian and international researchers, government and the broader community are aware of its benefits and achievements.

MASSIVE is a unique Australian facility with a focus on fast data processing, including processing data in-experiment, large-scale visualisation, and analysis of large-cohort and longitudinal research studies.

It offers Australian scientists access to two separate facilities with computer systems linked by a high-bandwidth communications link:

  • M1, located at the Australian Synchrotron at 800 Blackburn Road in Clayton; and
  • M2, located at the Monash University campus located in Clayton.

These two interconnected computers operate at over 5 and 30 teraflops, for M1 and M2 respectively, using traditional central processing unit (CPU) processing, and accelerated to over 50 and 120 teraflops, respectively, using graphical processing unit (GPU) co-processors. They are unique computers in Australia, tailored for fast data processing and visualisation. The computers are linked using a dedicated connection for fast file transfer and common management. Both systems are enhanced by software optimised for the characterisation community.

Partners: Monash University, CSIRO and Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

Affiliate Partners: ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function (CIBF) and ARC Centre of Excellence for Advanced Molecular Imaging (Imaging CoE).

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